Introducing the Squiddy-AL



Introducing the latest addition to the Squiddy family, the Squiddy-AL (short for Squiddy-Aluminum)! The Squiddy-AL was first unveiled as a prototype at Blade Show Atlanta 2023, alongside the first production Madkos. 

In 2017, the OG Squiddy stunned the industry with its innovative all-polymer design as it quickly earned a reputation for great balance, durability, and accessibility. With its adorable face and lightweight design, the Squiddy became a staple part of every flippers’ collection, novice and advanced alike.

The Squiddy-AL was designed with a unique purpose: to offer an affordable trainer that emulates the realistic feel of a metal butterfly knife (balisong) while maintaining a friendly appearance. Like the rest of our Squiddy products, the Squiddy-AL combats the negative stigma around balisongs and balisong flipping with its goofy and harmless smile.


Happy Goofy Squiddy-AL Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer
Squid Industries | Happy Squiddy-AL “Wheee”

Constructed entirely of 6061 aluminum, the Squiddy-AL weighs in at a total of 3.8 ounces. Its debut release showcases a natural aluminum finish, giving it a shiny aesthetic. The Squiddy-AL utilizes a pinless channel handle design and is assembled with a precision hand-tuned bronze washer system. Drawing inspiration from the Mako Bottle Opener's handle design, the Squiddy-AL handles have holes at the bottom of the handles for optimized weight and balance. The trainer blade includes installable eye weights for added balance customization, allowing users to tailor the flipping experience to their unique preferences.

Squiddy-AL Adjustable Eye Weight
Squid Industries |Squiddy-AL Adjustable Eye Weight

Squiddy-AL Features

One of the defining features of the Squiddy-AL are the machined texture patterns across the blade and handles. These patterns not only contribute to an aesthetically pleasing look but also add an enhanced grip.

Last but not least is a subtle addition to the trainer blade to assist in live-blade training. On a conventional butterfly knife (balisong), one side of the blade is sharp (the edge), and the other side is dull (the spine). The handle that closes onto the edge of the butterfly knife blade is commonly known as the bite handle. To make sure that flippers know which side is the edge and spine on the Squiddy-AL, we’ve machined bite handle indication grooves which will provide tactile feedback when you’re contacting the wrong side.

Squiddy-AL Trainer Blade
Squiddy-AL Bite Handle Indication Grooves
Squiddy-AL Trainer Blade Bite Handle Indication Groove
Squiddy-AL Bite Handle Indication Grooves

If you want to see it in action or learn about the full list of specifications and features, check out the Squiddy-AL product page! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more blog posts such as this, and follow us on all of our socials, including Instagram, Threads, Twitter, and YouTube.

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