Madko, Our First Channel Titanium Balisong



You're gonna need a bigger boat for this! Breaching out of the water comes an evolved form of the Mako Bottle Opener butterfly knife (Balisong) trainer, the Madko! Following its predecessor as a bottle opener, the Madko was first showcased as our first channel titanium trainer prototype during Blade Show Atlanta 2022. After a year of trial and error, we are proud to showcase the Madko for all of those who have patiently waited.

For years since its initial debut, the Mako Bottle Opener butterfly knife (balisong) trainer has been one of our most popular trainers. Novice and experienced flippers both touted the Mako for its exceptional balance. Flippers who enjoyed the unique design all had one common question: “When is the Mako going to have _________ feature?“

The blank in the question above can be filled in by any popular balisong feature imaginable such as jimping and bushings. Our answer to these demands was to incorporate as many ideas as possible into one ultimate balisong. This project first appeared at Blade Show Atlanta 2022 as a prototype and it sparked enormous interest within the community for its bold design and unique flipping profile. With the balisong community’s feedback and months of sweat and tears, we are proud to debut our first channel titanium trainer: the Madko.


Madko Channel Titanium Butterfly Knife (balisong) Trainer and Bottle Opener
Squid Industries | Madko Titanium Bottle Opener

Madko Balisong Trainer Features

The Madko offers flippers an elevated platform compared to its sibling line, the Mako Bottle Opener. While following its predecessor as a bottle opener, the Madko differs with more premium features including 6AL-4V channel titanium handles with speed channels, jimping for improved grip with ladder tricks, and a hardened 410 stainless steel blade. It also utilizes our precision machined bushing system for perfect swing and near-zero handle tolerances. One of the Madko's best features is the unique ringing sound (press play on the audio file below to listen to the Madko sound) emitted as you flip it.

Play to hear Madko sound

Madko Channel Titanium Butterfly Knife (balisong) Trainer and Bottle Opener
Madko Bottle Opener | 410 Stainless Steel Blade
Madko Bottle Opener Handles Close-up
Madko Bottle Opener | 6AL-4V Channel Titanium Handles with Speed Channels and Jimpings

The Madko’s first online release is coming this year (2023), so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on all of our socials including Instagram, Threads, and YouTube


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