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Titanium Hardware Kit (Big Washers)

Titanium Hardware Kit (Big Washers)

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Customize your balisongs with our Titanium Hardware Kit.

This kit is compatible with the SquidtrainerTriton, and Mako. This kit is NOT compatible with NautilusSquiddy, or Squiddy-B.

You can find the Nautilus and Krake Raken Titanium Hardware Kit here.  

Colors may vary and are not guaranteed to look like the photographs. 


This hardware kit comes with the following items:

  • Two Grade 5 Titanium Pivots
  • Two Grade 5 Titanium Pivot Screws
  • Four Phosphorous Bronze Washers
  • Pivot Specs: 0.1870" Barrel Diameter x .320" Barrel Length, 6-32 Threaded
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Each and every Squid Industries balisong is hand-assembled and tested to ensure that each unit is an exceptional flipper. All Squid Industries Balisongs arrive with a box and sticker. Balisongs come thread locked.

Squid Industries is not responsible for lost, stolen, or seized packages.

NOTE: The following product is a balisong (butterfly) knife trainer and not a real knife. The "blade" shown in the following pictures is merely a dull slab of plastic used to mimic the weight and feel of a real blade. Trainers are not weapons and are strictly made for recreational and educational purposes only.