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Blemished Squidtrainer V3.5 Handle (One Handle)

Blemished Squidtrainer V3.5 Handle (One Handle)

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Don't you hate it when you're casually flipping and your Squidtrainer slips right out of your hands and straight into the propellers of an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter? While this usually results in the the destruction of the helicopter, one of the handles of your Squidtrainer might receive some irreparable damage. Instead of replacing the entire trainer, consider picking up a blemished replacement handle!

These blemished replacement Squidtrainer handles offer the same flipping quality that you're familiar with except with a few minor cosmetic imperfections. This listing is for one handle only. Standard handles have silver zen pins and weight pins whereas Inked handles come with black pins. The Silver handles are the only exception which come with black hardware as well. 

With the release of the Squidtrainer V4, these V3.5 handles are now officially discontinued so these will be available for a limited time only.  

Blemished product sales are final (no returns accepted) but they do qualify for warranty (mechanical defects only).