Blemished Squiddy
Blemished Squiddy

Blemished Squiddy

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Calamari Clearance section is where you'll find the best deals at Squid Industries. Blemished trainers are models that didn't pass our inspection process due to cosmetic imperfections. All the blemished trainers here are guaranteed to flip just as well as our new products. 

Blemished product sales are final (no returns accepted) but they do qualify for warranty (mechanical defects only). Please refer to the pictures for an example of a blemished model. Blemished models arrived in blemished boxes and may come with the following, but not limited to:

  • light scratches
  • light dents
  • discolored anodizing
  • inconsistent blade finish

For information in regards to the Squiddy, please visit the Squiddy product page