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Blemished Mako Bottle Opener V4.5 Handle (One Handle)

Blemished Mako Bottle Opener V4.5 Handle (One Handle)

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Do your Mako handles ever swim away and never come back? Look no further than these freshly caught blemished handles. These replacement Mako V4.5 handles offer the same flipping quality that you're familiar with except for a few minor cosmetic imperfections. This listing is for one handle only. Standard colored handles have silver hardware whereas Inked handles come with black hardware. The Silver handles are the only exception and comes with black hardware as well. Blemishes include but are not limited to small scratches, dents, and discoloration. 

  • Comes with a pre-installed zen pin and pivot + screw at the bottom of the handle
  • Compatible with all versions of the Mako*

*While this handle can be equipped onto any version of the Mako, there may be slight differences in handle play, handle gap, and balance. 

Blemished product sales are final (no returns accepted) but they do qualify for warranty (mechanical defects only).