How to Fix Spinning Pivots | Balisong Maintenance TIps

How to fix spinning screws/pivots on my butterfly knife/balisong?


It's time to tune your butterfly knife/balisong but you can't get your screws out because the other side (pivots) just keep spinning? Check out these quick and simple fixes for spinning pivots.

To Fix Spinning Pivots, You'll Need:

  1. One-Two T10 Torx Drivers (for Squid Industries Balisongs) or the respective type of Torx Driver for your balisong
  2. Eraser or Thick Rubber Band - Optional

Don't have a T10 torx? You can purchase everything you need to maintain your balisong/ butterfly knife on our website!

Squiddy-B Plastic Butterfly Knife Balisong
Squeeze plastic balisongs in the open position
Closed Position Metal Butterfly Knife Balisong Maintenance
Squeeze in the close position for metal balisongs

Fixing spinning pivots on a balisong is very simple. All you need to do is squeeze the handles very tightly together while unscrewing the screw. This method should work for most people.

However, depending on whether you are using a metal or plastic balisong, the position in which you squeeze the balisong handles differs.

For our metal balisongs, we recommend squeezing the handles in the closed position. And, for our plastic balisongs, we recommend squeezing the handles in the open position.

You should be able to unscrew the screw using this method and only one T10 torx driver, but if your pivots are still spinning on your balisong, you can try this method with two T10 torx drivers.

What if my butterfly knife/balisong pivots are still spinning?

If the previous step did not work for you and you still have spinning pivots, go ahead and grab a rubber product like an eraser or a thick rubber band. Next, use the same squeezing method from the previous method and apply force with the rubber band on the side of the pivot while unscrewing. Watch this method in action here (starts at 1:10).

It may be helpful to have another person help you hold the thick rubber band or eraser on the other side of the balisong while you unscrew from the other side.

Still need help?

These methods should fix your spinning pivots problem. If they do not, please send us an email via our contact page, and we will help you out as soon as possible.

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