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How to fix a stiff handle on my butterfly knife/balisong?

Stiff Handles

Do your butterfly knife (balisong) handles ever get a little stiff? Stiff handles are when your balisong handles don't swing smoothly and feel like they are locking up or getting stuck while in motion. Stiff handles are a common maintenance problem and can occur for various reasons, but luckily it's easy to fix!

What do I need to fix stiff handles on my balisong?

For this Balisong Maintenance, You Will Need:

  1. T10 Torx Driver
  2. Lubricating Oil
  3. Loctite or Threadlocker

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Step 1: Lube the Stiff Handles

First, apply lubricating oil on the pivot area of the stiff handle. 

Step 2: Unscrew the Handles

If step one didn't work for you, place your balisong in the closed position and squeeze the handles together to prevent the pivots from spinning. Next, unscrew the screw while squeezing the handles together. If you are having issues taking out your screws because one side keeps spinning, read our post on "How to Fix Spinning Pivots."

Step 3: Work in the Washers

If your handle is still feeling stiff after steps one and two, start by holding the stiff handle in one hand and the blade along with the other handle in the other hand. Make sure that your palms are facing down and that your thumbs are around the pivot area. Then, with low to moderate force, push and pull to open up the channel until the handle swings freely.

Step 4: Reapply Loctite and Screw

Finish up by reapplying Loctite onto the screw. After you've applied Loctite onto the screw, blow the Loctite to spread it evenly onto the screw. Next, with the same squeezing handle position we used earlier, re-screw the screw into the pivot. Screw the screw in until it hits the end of the pivot. Once the screw hits the end of the pivot, your handle will feel stiff. Not to worry, all you have to do is slowly unscrew the screw until the handle begins swinging freely. You can stop this process once the handle swing is to your liking. Now you are left with a super smooth handle! 😎 

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