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What happens when a fox falls in love with a squid? The Squiddy-WH, in collaboration with the award-winning content YouTube creator, @WillHirsch, is the answer! The Squiddy-WH features brilliant orange acetal handles with a unique fox paw balisong trainer shape. With the help of the community, this second production release of the Squiddy-WH is back with several upgrades (click features to see all).


The Squiddy-WH is a collaboration between Squid Industries and Will Hirsch. Built upon the same platform as our popular Squiddy-B, the Squiddy-WH adds both improved functionality and new incredible aesthetics. The handles are CNC machined from solid plates of orange Acetal with a textured pattern on the faces and jimping on the ends for additional grip. The black Acetal trainer blade sports the same Squiddy Silencer O-Ring and weight mod as the Squiddy-B, but has a completely reimagined fox paw blade designed by Will Hirsch.


With the help of the community, this second production release of the Squiddy-WH butterfly knife/balisong trainer has the following upgrades:

  • Improved handle rounding for better comfort and control
  • Deeper jimping for better grip during ladders
  • Removed one jimping line on the inside of the handles to improve contact with the silencer o-ring
  • Added bite handle indication grooves on the blade to provide tactile feedback while flipping


Total Length (Open Position) 10"
Total Length (Closed Position) 5.75"
Handle Length 5.5"
Handle Thickness 0.5"
Blade Length 5.2"
Weight 2.6 Ounces
Handle Material Orange Acetal
Handle Finish Brushed
Blade Material Black Acetal
Blade Finish Brushed
Pin Design Zen Pins
Handle Design Channel
Pivot Design Washers (Phosphorus Bronze)
Latch Design Latchless
Balance Profile Neutral

Performance Pentagon

Rating System

Grip: Tactility and degree of control

Balance: Distribution of the weight in relation to optimal flipping

Durability: Longevity rating and overall resistance to damage

Tolerances: Accuracy and preciseness of the tuning and handle play

Noise: Sound level during flipping

Rating out of 10

Grip: 3 Balance: 9 Durability: 5 Tolerances: 7 Noise: 1


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Each and every Squid Industries balisong is hand-assembled and tested to ensure that each unit is an exceptional flipper. All Squid Industries Balisongs arrive with a box and sticker. Balisongs come thread locked.

Squid Industries is not responsible for lost, stolen, or seized packages.

NOTE: The following product is a balisong (butterfly) knife trainer and not a real knife. The "blade" shown in the following pictures is merely dull and used to mimic the weight and feel of a real blade. Trainers are not weapons and are strictly made for recreational and educational purposes only.