What's New With The Krake Raken V2

Introducing the Krake Raken V2 live blade balisong! In this updated version, we implemented suggestions that we received from all of you in the community. The V2 features minor, aesthetic changes but the main focus was improving the flipping performance. In this post, we’ll cover all of the changes, including deeper texturing, handle rounding, and a redesigned bushing system.

Grip and Durability

Textured Pattern

The signature machined texture pattern on the Krake Raken is one of many unique features that makes it a top-tier flipper. While the V1 (left) texture looked and performed well, we knew there could be an improvement. The V2 (right) features the same pattern but is machined 25% deeper than the V1, which produces significantly more grip. For those who are looking for even more grip, be sure to check out the Matte Silver variant of our Krake Rakens, which utilizes a bead blast finish in addition to the machined texture.

V1 on the left, V2 on the right


Jimping is a common term in the knife industry and is typically used to designate a series of notches or grooves alongside the knife's spine, which aids in thumb grip during cutting. The Krake Raken jimping is slightly different as it's a series of cutouts that run down the side of the handles, as seen above. We implemented jimping on the Krake Raken V1 to add grip during advanced tricks such as the murnax ladder. Just like the machined texture pattern, the jimping on the V2 has a deeper and wider cut to make it an even more effective flipper. 

Rounded Handles

Another durability improvement to the handles was a full rounding to the bottom edge. Being made of 7075 aluminum alloy, the Krake Raken handles are already extremely tough. However, the sharp edges at the bottom of the handles left them prone to denting. We wanted to address the fact that some flippers like to flip their knives over any surface, even concrete, brick, and gravel. By rounding the bottoms of the handles, we’ve made the V2 significantly more resistant to damage from hard drops.

Bushing Sysytem

V1 on the left, V2 on the right

The biggest and most important change with the Krake Raken V2 is the newly refined bushing system. While the V1 offered decent handle tolerances, it didn’t have the ability to be fully tightened down. The V2 uses the same bushings, but the handles are machined with a different process that solves the tightening issue while significantly improving handle play and smoothness. This process involves both a revamped machining process in addition to more precise measuring and lapping procedures. The smaller squared-off slots seen above are a result of the new machining process. We also upgraded the zen pins to considerably harder steel to ensure a long-lasting handle gap. 

These improvements will be seen across all of our Krake Raken variants, including the bowie and trainer. The Krake Raken V2 will be available through our authorized retailers. Stay up to date with the Krake Raken releases by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Instagram!

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