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When will you have more trainers in stock?

We typically restock trainers every Sunday at 1pm PST. Please subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive notifications for which items will be in this week's batch. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship world wide. 

How much does shipping cost?

To see our shipping prices, you'll need to add the item to your cart and proceed to the checkout screen. Once you have entered in your address, the shipping price will be calculated and displayed. 

Where are your trainers made?

Squid Industries trainers are manufactured and assembled in the United States. 

Which trainer should I buy?

If you're new to flipping or would like to introduce flipping to a friend, we recommend the Squiddy which is great for people of all ages and skill levels. If you're an intermediate or advanced flipper or are looking to become one, we recommend the Mako, Triton, or Squidtrainer. Each of these options are equal in terms of flipping, but the higher priced models have higher build quality which results in higher durability. 

What's the difference between the Mako, Triton, and Squidtrainer V2.5?

All of our metal trainers use 6061-T651 aircraft grade aluminum handles. Both the Mako and Triton utilize a 304 stainless steel trainer blade however the Mako uses a sandwich handle design whereas the Triton uses a channel handle design (sandwich is two connected pieces whereas channel is one solid piece). This channel design offers higher durability over the sandwich design. 

The Squidtrainer V2.5 uses a channel handle design in addition to an extremeley durable heat treated 410 stainless steel trainer blade. During hard drops (like on concrete or gravel), the Mako and Triton blade may bend similar to a spoon or fork (although it's very easy to straighten out with just your hands). The Squidtrainer's heat treated blade is significantly stronger and can therefore withstand much more wear and abuse without any chance of bending. Lastly, the Squidtrainer utilizes press-fit steel rods at the ends of the handles for additional momentum. 

How do I keep my trainer maintained?

In order to keep your trainer maintained, you'll first need a Balisong Maintenance Kit.

The torx driver is just like any other screw driver--just make sure that you're keeping it perpendicular to your trainer and fully inserted so that it doesn't slip and strip screw. If you find that the pivots are spinning as you are unscrewing the pivot screws, you can squeeze the handles together in closed position to prevent them from moving.

The Loctite 243 is a threadlocker which prevents the screws from coming out. It should be used anytime you take apart your balisong or find that the screws are starting to work their way out of your trainer. Apply about half a rice grain worth onto the threads of the screws (the spirally part beneath the screw head). Try your best to clean out the old loctite before applying a new layer. You can do this by using some sort of pointed object to push it out or by submerging the screw and/or pivot in alcohol or acetone. You should wait a minimum of 12 hours before using your balisong after you've applied the loctite.

The lubricant can be applied at any time whenever you think it's necessary such as if the trainer is moving too slowly. Holding your balisong upright in closed position, drip a small drop onto the top of each washer and blow onto it to get the lubricant to move down and around the washers.

One of the handles on my trainer is moving slowly. How can I make it smooth again?

Firstloosen the screw on your stiff handle and apply lubricating oil to the pivot area. Next, hold the stiff handle in one hand and the blade and the other handle in the other hand. Make sure that that your palms are facing down and that your thumbs are close to the pivot area. Then with low to moderate force, push and pull to open up the channel until the handle swings freely.