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About Us

Contestants of West Coast Flipping Champtonship 2019 - Blade Show 2019

Squid Industries was founded in early 2016 to create high performance balisongs with flipping as the central focus. Squid Industries balisongs and balisong trainers are proudly made in the USA using precision manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, laser cutting, and double disc grinding. Our industry leading products are designed by and for flippers.

Krake Raken Tanto V2

Squid Industries works closely with the balisong community to produce innovative products and provide excellent service. We constantly incorporate community feedback to ensure that our products are the balanced, comfortable, and fun. Squid Industries is incredibly passionate about balisong flipping and strives to make balisongs accessible to everyone regardless of age, skill level, or budget.

If you're thinking of joining the flipping sensation that is sweeping the nation, consider starting your journey with Squid Industries. Whether you're a brand new flipper or a veteran with years of experience, we promise that our products will bring you an unparalleled feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. 

Lucas Cao
Founder and President

Want to learn more about our company history? Follow our journey here!