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What is Balisong Tap?

What is tap and how does it occur?

Many people who own and flip balisongs and balisong trainers will experience  something colloquially known by the balisong community as "tap". Read below for a short definition of what tap is and how you can solve it.


"Tap" refers to the instance in which the blade of a balisong strikes the insides of one or both handles, creating a "tapping" sound.

This phenomenon may occur when the blade deflects off center. Some people simulate "tap" by shaking the balisong in a specific manner to test their handle tolerance. 

Note that this occurrence is slightly different than blade "rub", which is where the blade swings and scrapes against the inside of the handle.

Click the video below for a quick demonstration on how to identify and solve tap!

Tap is a natural phenomenon which can occur with prolonged use. By utilizing a T10 torx driver (included in our Balisong Maintenance Kit, pictured below) you can tighten the pivot screw(s) which should reduce or eliminate it. We highly recommend this kit as it includes everything you need to maintain your balisongs and balisong trainers.

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