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January 2018 Newsletter #2

Hey everyone,

I apologize for delaying the batch and taking so long to write this newsletter. I've been extremely busy with bringing several new products online and am working closely with my manufacturers to create a consistent flow of readily available products. I'm hoping that starting in February, I can have batch releases every two weeks with at least 100 trainers per batch.

Today's Batch

Please review the following information in regards to this week's drop of trainers. 

               25 Silver Triton
               30 Blue Triton
               50 Squiddy

  •  Pricing: $110 Silver Triton, $130 Blue Triton, $42 Squiddy
  • Payment forms accepted: Credit, Debit, Prepaid Visa, Paypal
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Limit of 3 total units per household*

If you're unsure about what time is 3pm PST is, click this link and enter your region.

*Each household is allowed to purchase any combination of 3 balisongs. For example, it could be one of each model. Another example would be 1 Squiddy and 2 Blue Tritons. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I just revealed a new product. The Keychain Torx Driver is a tool I developed to help make balisong maintenance more convenient. Even with its small form factor, it's built to be strong and durable for heavy duty assembly and disassembly. The tool uses press-fit Wiha torx bits that are guaranteed to never fall out and will be offered in T6, T8, and T10 individually and also as a set.

The retail price for each driver is $8.50 with the full set being $21.99. The full set will come with three individual drivers as pictured above and will also include an additional larger sized key ring to attach all three together. I unfortunately don't have the T6 size ready yet, so only the T10 and T8 sizes will be available. The T10 and T8 torx drivers will put up for sale at the same time as the trainers above and I should have the T6 driver and full sets ready by the end of the week. 

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Lucas Cao

Squid Industries
California, USA
January 28th, 2017