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May 2019 Newsletter #2

Inked Pink Squidtrainer V3, Silver and Black Mako, Silver Triton, Inked Silver and Inked Black Triton


Please review the following information in regards to today's drop of trainers. 

•  Location: Squid Industries Online Store
•  Date and Time: Sunday, May 5th, 1:00pm PDT
•  Trainers Available:
10 Silver Mako
10 Black Mako

10 Silver Triton
10 Inked Silver Triton
10 Inked Black Triton

10 Silver Squidtrainer V3
10 Blue Squidtrainer V3
10 Black Squidtrainer V3
10 Dual Tone Red Squidtrainer V3
10 Dual Tone BlueSquidtrainer V3
10 Dual Tone Black Squidtrainer V3
10 Inked Pink Squidtrainer V3
  • Payment forms accepted: Credit, Debit, Prepaid Visa
  • Shipping: Worldwide*

To check what time 1pm PDT is where you live, click this link. Enter California and 1:00pm in the first box and your location in the bottom box.

If this is your first time purchasing a Squid Industries trainer, consider picking up a Balisong Maintenance Kit or replacement Hardware Kit! These are essential to making sure that your trainer is properly cared for.