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March 2018 Newsletter #1

Hey everyone,

All of the trainers at Squid Industries receive small improvements to their dimensions from batch to batch. Most of the changes are too small to mention, but the recent changes to the Squiddy are actually more major than it appears. If you guys take a closer look at the Squiddy's zen nub (the top edge of the trainer blade) in the picture blelow, you'll notice that it now has a flat  rectangular shape instead of the 
original round shape. In addition, the overall zen pin geometry has been revamped to greatly increase the strength of this region. The Squiddy still isn't indestructible and probably won't survive a four-story fall off your balcony, but it's definitely stronger than most people would expect from a PVC-C balisong. 

Tomorrow's Batch

Please review the following information in regards to tomorrow's drop of trainers.
Location: Squid Industries Online Shop
Release date and time: Sunday, March 4th, 3:00pm PST
Trainers Available:
50 Silver Triton
100 Squiddy
Pricing: $42 Squiddy, $110 Silver Anodized Triton
Payment forms accepted: Credit, Debit, Prepaid Visa, Paypal
Shipping: Worldwide
Limit of 3 total units per household - Each household is allowed to purchase any combination of 3 balisongs. For example, it could be three Squiddys. Another example would be 1 Squiddy and 2 Silver Tritons.
To check what time 3pm PST is where you live, click this link and enter your location in the first box and California in the bottom box.

If this is your first time purchasing a Squid Industries trainer, consider picking up a balisong Maintenance kit or replacement Hardware Kit! These are essential in making sure that your trainer is properly cared for.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Lucas Cao

Squid Industries
California, USA
March 3rd, 2018