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February 2019 Newsletter #4

In the summer of 2015, I noticed a growing audience of young flippers who wanted to get into the balisong scene. During that time, the only realistic options were to either get a BBBarfly or save up for a Benchmade 51 Morpho since the Bradley Kimura line had just been discontinued. At the time, I was working as a part time machinist and was able to work with my boss after hours on random projects. One of those projects was the Squidtrainer. 

The Squidtrainer was envisioned as a top tier flipper at an affordable price. After the first few prototypes were made, I passed them around to friends across the country to get as much critique as possible. The project gained an incredible amount of support during the pass around which lead me to found Squid Industries in January of 2016. 

Since then, Squid Industries has added a number of great additions to our balisong product line, but the Squidtrainer has continued to be the apex. With each and every batch, we've taken in feedback from all of you across the world to improve the Squidtrainer. The same is true for all of our other trainers despite them not having version numbers.  

In tomorrow's batch, we're proud to release our first batch of the Squidtrainer V3. This new version features the following upgrades:
  • Rounded the bottom edge of the handles for increased drop durability
  • Modified the zen nub to reduce pinching
  • Better machining tolerances (virtually no tap or play)
  • Increased handle rounding by 5% for more control
  • Increased handle texture for better grip
  • Crowned spine for better everything
Despite all of these upgrades, the Squidtrainer V3 will retail for nearly the same pricing as it's predecessor at $150 silver anodized, $175 color anodized, and $190 dual tone anodized. To see a video of all these changes, check out our latest Instagram post @SquidIndustriesco.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us these past few years and to the balisong community for helping us constantly improve our products!
Thanks for reading, everyone!

Lucas Cao
California, USA