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February 2018 Newsletter #3

Hey everyone,

This upcoming batch will be the largest in Squid Industries history. This batch also includes the first batch of clear anodized Silver Squidtrainer V2s. Like the Silver Triton, the clear anodized surface finish still gives the same silver appearance but adds significant scratch resistance.

Upcoming Batch

Please review the following information in regards to tomorrow's drop of trainers.
Location: Squid Industries Online Shop 
Release date and time: Sunday, February 25th, 3:00pm PST
Trainers Available:

     100 Squiddy
     50 Blue Triton
     20 BlackTriton
     25 Silver Squidtrainer V2
     5 Black Dual Tone Squidtrainer V1.5
     5 Red Dual Tone Squidtrainer V1.5

Pricing: $42 Squiddy, $130 Anodized Triton, $150 Silver Squidtrainer V2, $185 Dual Tone Squidtrainer V1.5
Payment forms accepted: Credit, Debit, Prepaid Visa, Paypal
Shipping: Worldwide
Limit of 3 total units per household - Each household is allowed to purchase any combination of 3 balisongs. For example, it could be one of each model. Another example would be 1 Squiddy and 2 Blue Tritons.
To check what time 3pm PST is where you live, click this link and enter your location in the first box and California in the bottom box.

We recently restocked on the L and XL sizes and have also added a few 2XL hoodies. For tomorrow's batch only, if you purchase a trainer and balisong together, you can use promo code HOODIE to take $23 off your order. Limited to one use per customer.

To clarify for everyone who is hoping to get in on tomorrow's batch, please know that the cart system does not reserve your item when it is added into your cart. In order to secure an item, you must complete the full checkout process and receive an order confirmation from us. In the duration of your checkout, it is possible that an item in your cart may be sold out so it is important that you fill out the information as hastily as possible. Also, since this is the largest batch we've ever done, it may take a bit longer than normal to ship out all of the orders. Keep in mind that the shipping options only account for USPS's shipping time and not the additional time it takes for us to process the order.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Lucas Cao

Squid Industries
California, USA
February 24th, 2018