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April 2019 Newsletter #3 | Green and Purple Squidtrainer V3s Back in Stock!

Green and Purple Squidtrainer V3



Please review the following information in regards to today's drop of trainers. 

•  Location: Squid Industries Online Store
•  Date and Time: Sunday, April 21st, 1:00pm PDT
•  Trainers Available:


•  Payment forms accepted: Credit, Debit, Prepaid Visa

•  Shipping: Worldwide*

To check what time 1pm PDT is where you live, click this link. Enter California and 1:00pm in the first box and your location in the bottom box.

If this is your first time purchasing a Squid Industries trainer, consider picking up a Balisong Maintenance Kit or replacement Hardware Kit! These are essential to making sure that your trainer is properly cared for.


Thanks for reading, everyone!

Lucas Cao
California, USA